Who is entitled to discounts on bus fares?
How to claim a Certificate of Eligibility?
Must the bus driver honor any bill?
What about bicycles or surfboards?
Are National Service recruits entitled to travel free of charge? At which price codes?
What should I do in case of an accident or a safety complaint?
How do I get a Rav-Kav Card?
Where can a Rav-Kav be issued?
What is the procedure on paying for children?
Who can I contact in case of items lost on the bus?
Are bicycles allowed on the bus?
Can bicycles be put in the bus luggage compartment?
Is a stroller allowed on the bus?
Is there a charge for a guide dog for the blind?
What is the procedure on getting animals on the bus?
Is it possible to get a wheelchair and/or electric mobility rider on the bus?
Must the bus driver accept any note?
Is a surfboard allowed on the bus?
What should I do if my Rav-Kav was lost or stolen?
What should I do if I saw/came across a severe traffic offence?
What should I do if I saw/came across a polluting vehicle ((emitting smoke))?
What should I do if I found a suspicious object on the bus?
How do I reserve a special bus travel?
What should I do in case of accident/safety complaints?
Passenger rights vs. duties Passenger rights and duties
Who qualifies as a senior citizen what is the discount due by law?
Can soldiers travel free of charge while wearing civilian clothes?
What items are not allowed on the bus?
Are Stay Visa Holders entitled to discounts on public transport?
What discounts are given to the blinds and to those holding a Disability Certificate?
What benefits do I get from a Student Profile?
What do I get if I purchase an annual or a student contract?
What contracts are available at a student discount?
What is an Issue Station and what services does it provide?
Can I pay in credit, cash or checks? Can I pay in installments?
What should I do if my card got lost or stolen?
What happens when the Student Profile validity expires?
What is the Student Profile validity?
Can I change the contract type from a semester one to a annual one?