Euro-6 Standard
Euro-6 Standard

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We are proud to be the first company among transport operators to operate buses under the Euro-6 strict Standard for the protection of the environment.

The Euro-6 Standard is the most advanced for control on the emission of pollutants from motor vehicles. The Standard was formulated by the European Union and entered into effect for new vehicles on January 1, 2014, in Europe and Israel.

In 1993, a mandatory European legislation first entered into effect, requiring emission filtering systems in motor vehicles. For heavy-duty vehicles, the Standard demands that Nitrogen oxide emissions be reduced. With this Standard, the technology used by engine manufacturers has been modified.

Euro 6 Standard requirements however are particularly strict. Compared to Euro 5, the requirements are for a 75% reduction in Nitrogen oxides (“NOx”) and a two-thirds reduction in soot particles. As a result, new engines had to be designed, with additional measures for reducing emissions. A pollutant filtering system has become the most critical component in our era and we, at Superbus, are doing our best to keep the environment friendly, as much as we can!  “All the Way״

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